10 Basic Asanas That Will Help You Relax Into Yoga

Yoga has an enticing charm around it. Looking at people from all around the globe on Instagram, posing in different asanas have got everybody engaged and inquisitive about Yoga. The best part is that you can do it too! Yoga is for everyone. For all those people that you see twisting and turning in different asanas, almost as if they have no spine, had to begin somewhere. For you to also reach there and not get intimidated by the advanced Yoga asanas, you first need to get the basics right.

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It is indeed easy to ease and relax into Yoga. Yoga works on all levels – body, mind, and soul. As you practice each asana, ensure that you combine your breath with that asana. Your flexibility levels don’t really matter when you are starting off. It is only with practice that you will be able to touch your toes. Your yoga journey is only going to bring you peace and relaxation. It will help you to relax into your practice and get rid of the stiffness in the body.

Here are 10 basic asanas that will help you relax into Yoga:

  1. Talasana: Talasana is the base of all the standing Yoga asanas. The primary benefit of Talasana is that it will correct your posture and improve spinal strength.
    – Stand straight with legs together and hands by the side of the body.
    – Breathing in, take the arms above your head and come up on the toes.
    – Stretch your body completely while breathing normally.
    – Gently, release the pose.

  2. Marjarasana: Just like a cat, this asana helps to keep the spine strong and flexible.
    – Get on all your fours.
    – Inhaling, take your head up towards the sky and let your spine dip.
    – Exhaling, come down, taking the chin towards the chest and lift your spine up.
    – Gently release the pose after 3-5 rounds.

  3. Paschimottanasana: This helps to improve the blood circulation in the body. This asana also stimulates all the organs and systems in the abdominal cavity.
    – Sit with your legs stretched in front of you.
    – Breathing in, slide backward and breathing out, bend forward, taking the hands towards the toes.
    – Take 5-7 normal breaths in the final position.
    – Slowly, relax.

  4. Hasta Padangusthasana: This simple asana helps to open up the hamstrings and the hip joints. You can practice this asana in either standing or the lying down position.
    – Lying down on the floor, try to grab your right big toe with the right hand.
    – Try to straighten the leg and take it sideways to the right and left, trying to touch the floor.
    – Repeat on the other side as well, and relax.

  5. Bhujangasana: Countless benefits packed into one asana. This works not only on the back muscles but also on the reproductive and digestive systems.
    – Lie down on your abdomen with the palms by the side of the chest.
    – Breathing in, take the head and chest off the floor, and look up.
    – After a few rounds of normal or thoracic breathing, gently release the asana.

  6. Setu Bandhasana: It helps to stimulate the thyroid gland and strengthens the neck and the back muscles. This asana does wonder to those suffering from high blood pressure.
    – Lie down on your back with the hands by the side of the body.
    – Gently bend the knees at a comfortable distance.
    – Lift the hips and the back off the floor.
    – Stay in this position for a few normal breaths and gently bring the back and hips to the floor.

  7. Bhadrasana: This asana helps to open up the hip joints and improve the blood circulation to the reproductive organs.
    – Sit with your legs stretched in front of you.
    – Bring the legs close to the body and touch your soles together.
    – Press the thighs and knees to the floor.
    – You can also, flap your knees up and down while breathing normally.

  8. Trikonasana III: The easiest trikonasana that will help you relax into Yoga. It not only works well for your waist but also improves the blood circulation to the head region.
    – Stand with legs 3-feet apart.
    – Arms by the side of the body, parallel to the floor.
    – Breathing out, bend down and twist, so that with your right hand you are touching the left toes.
    – Look up at the palm that is above the head.
    – Breathe normally for 8-10 breaths and slowly release the pose.
    – Repeat it on the other side as well.

  9. Vakrasana: This asana is also known as the twisting asana, as it gently gives a good twist to the back. This will greatly help you to get a slender and slimmer waist.
    – Sit with your legs stretched in front of you.
    – Bend the right leg and place it next to the left thigh, bringing it closer to the body.
    – With the left arm, grab the right leg and twist, while keeping the right arm on the floor, behind your back.
    – Breathe normally in this position for 15-20 rounds.
    – Slowly, without giving any jerk to the body, release the asana.
    – Repeat the same thing on the other side as well.

  10. Shavasana: Always end your practice with the good old – Shavasana. Even though it looks as if you are just lying down, it takes a lot of mental effort to relax the whole body.
    – Lie down on the floor with the legs apart, arms by the side of the body, palms facing upwards.
    – Relax the head in a comfortable position.
    – Just observe your breath for a few rounds and try to relax it.
    – Take conscious efforts to relax the whole body, without engaging with any other thoughts.
    – After 15-20 minutes of conscious relaxation, turn towards the left side, and taking the support of the hand, come to the sitting position.

These were some of the basic asanas that will help you relax into yoga. They can be done by anyone and everyone. Try to adopt these practices in your daily routine, and soon you will be able to see the benefits for yourself. This will also encourage you to continue on the path of Yoga, by making it a way of life.